Specifically designed Workout routine for Amputee Implant Patients


Mitch Grant is the owner of GoodVibes Fitness and is an Patient himself. Mitch designed this specific program to facilitate an Amputees needs. The program targets strengthing the core and other key muscle groups to assist Osseointegration patients before, during and after the rehabilitation process. The workout regiment is intense with fast acting results. Check out his website: http://www.goodvibesfitness.com.au/membership-programs/membership-programs.html


Reboot Your Health by Juicing


I recently came across the film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. You can watch it on Netflix or order the DVD from their website. It profiles the Film Maker, a Homemaker and Truck Driver who end up losing a ton of weight by juicing for various amounts of time. What’s more interesting is how healthy they got. The two men were able to wean off medication they had been taking for years and the Homemaker, although not on medication, was experiencing relief from migraine headaches that had been plaguing her for years. Joe Cross is the film maker and original Guinea Pig of sorts. He is based out of Australia, just like the Endo-Exo technology.

Reverse Sickness With a Plant Based Diet


I also came across the movie Forks over Knives on Netflix, that supports Joe Cross’s position in the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. That by consuming a high intake of plant based foods and eliminating the consumption of animal based and processed foods, a person can actually reverse health problems. Like the Joe Cross film, Forks over Knives profiles a few individuals who are in a rather unhealthy state. One of the men profiled was on several medications and overweight. After he adopted the diet recommended in the documentary he was actually able to stop taking all his medications, with the exception of one. The documentary is very informative and well done, breaking down the concept so everyone can not only understand but in a way that makes it motivating and interesting. Taking the time to watch this movie only reinforced my decision to utilize the Juicing Reboot profiled in Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.  

My Health Plan

Now that I have the implant, I am planning on keeping up with my health and remaining in the best physical shape possible. Prior to preparing for OI surgery, I had been weighing in at an average of 245lbs and had topped out at 250 lbs, which caused some blood pressure issues that I was taking medication for. My injuries don’t allow me to engage in very many sporting activities for a typical workout. There are machines that are designed to give a person with my limitations the ability to work out as well, although they are very expensive and are mostly found in rehab facilities.

So I began with a juicing “Reboot” regiment in order to improve my health and help change my eating habits before surgery. After the Reboot I adopted the eating plan laid out in the movie Forks over Knives in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I’m definitely no health nut and quite frankly the foods one has to start eating in order to adopt this healthy lifestyle is not appealing in the least. I truly don’t take any enjoyment what so ever in grazing on nuts and vegetables! Simply eating a salad is one of the most unpleasant eating experiences I can imagine. Mixing all those raw vegetables together in one bowl just doesn’t taste good at all. Even after I poured a ton of dressing on top! Like most guys out there I love my Meat, Bread, Pasta and Desserts. I truly enjoy the experience of the smells, flavor, texture and social aspect that surrounds eating these kinds of foods. Although I could argue and make excuses all day long as to why I couldn’t adopt more healthy eating habits but in the end, all those arguments were simply not going to get me healthy or cause me to lose any significant amount of weight to prepare for the implant surgery.

It’s not like this was some sort of new revelation for me. I spent a few years reading all the alternative health and nutrition material I could get my hands on and went so far as to join a book club to gain access to as much as I could afford. I ended up getting so full of reading health related material, I simply lost interest. Even with the knowledge I gleaned after it all, I still didn’t change anything significant regarding what I consumed and easily continued on like normal. We all know how life can get sometimes, there is always something in the way. Another discouraging thing about losing the weight and becoming healthy by solely utilizing a whole foods diet was what folks look like when you go into a health food store. Most of the people who take that approach, appear so gaunt, frail and unhealthy looking. Even though they may be healthier on the inside than the average American, they sure don’t look like it on the outside. I feel as if balance is the key. Combining a healthier way of eating and replacing the fat with muscle mass by incorporating a good muscle building workout routine; instead of simply losing a good deal of weight and maintaining it utilizing a cardio routine is the way to go for me at least.

I relate it to a person who comes to a point in their life where they are ready to dedicate themselves to a religion or God if you will. They may have gone to church as a kid and studied everything a person should about the doctrine. If they are of the Christian faith they may have even been saved and baptized at one point. Although unless a person is truly ready to make that change, all the knowledge and routine rarely has any significant impact on their life in the end. The motivation to obtain the implant surgery is what allowed me to finally come to terms with the fact that I needed to significantly change what I put in my body and dedicate myself to making it happen. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think for one minute I wouldn’t ever eat unhealthy again but by adopting some basic changes. I was able to drop a significant amount of weight and stop taking the blood pressure medication all together.